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The Simple Guide to Marketing in 2021.

Written by @justusclark

Discover what makes your consumers take action when you break down their journey from cold to conversion. 

The secret to marketing is perspective. The problem is most business owners favor results over process, expecting consumers to meet in the middle  and Ultimately missing the opportunity to meet consumers where they are most likely to hear what you have to say. 

Marketing your business is hard. Think about it like this, when you were a baby, you didn’t care who won the Super Bowl, or who the President was, you just wanted food. Which made you a behavioral target because now people would bribe you with food right? 

You know everything in the world about your brand, but everyone else is a baby. You can’t expect them to understand where you’re coming from on day one, first they need to learn how to crawl. But 99% of the time, unless your in the food service or restaurant industry, free food is out of the question. So how do you come up with something that’s worth peoples time? 

It’s not hard, you just have to find what it is your business can do for free to provide value upfront, that isn’t cheesy or ceremonial. People want you to be authentic. Whatever that means. Brainstorm your options because this is important. The quality of your FREE VALUE sets the tone for the perception of your paid value, no matter how good it may be. 

Think hard about this step before you continue.


Nothing is ever truly free.

Make sure to offer value in exchange for contact information at the very least. The whole point of this is to use that contact information to send follow-up content via email or Facebook Ads with the custom list feature. (Click this link to learn more about Facebook Custom List) 

Social media marketing is all about dialogue and data. Knowing how much your consumer understands about your business allows you to give them the pieces to understand what you know about your business. Just like it’s taken you time to build your business, it will take time to explain it to your consumers in a way they understand. But how do we know what they want?

Have you asked? Seriously, have you ever asked your consumers to answer some basic follow-up questions about your business? You’d be surprised what they might say. The more information you can get from your consumers, the better off you’ll be, but building a reputation is hard, and you will receive lots of “constructive” criticism along the way. Just keep your head up and keep going! I know that sounds “ceremonial” but it’s the best advice I can give to anyone that’s actually trying to run a business. 

P.s. Did I mention you need to get as many Google & Facebook reviews as possible? 


Quit proving value in your pitch 

Start getting reviews to certify value is being provided along the way. Not only does this make you look good, it increases the likelihood of someone clicking through your funnel. Now it takes time to build your business online but the most important thing to remember…



Social media is different from traditional advertising. Businesses that use it effectively all agree that the speed at which you start providing value is the key to your success! People use social media for relevant information & entertainment. You just have to find a way to consistently relay your offer across one of those two factors, again, in a way that isn’t cheesy or ceremonial. 

This is easier for some businesses than others. 

For example, let’s say that you run an e-commerce shop that sells handcrafted items. Running ads and re-targeting would be really easy. You can set up a pixel to track and test the effectiveness on your webpage and re-target users who added items to their cart but never completed their purchase. 

Let’s say instead of an e-commerce shop you own a car dealership. The process is relatively the same minus one thing, nobody buys cars online. But they do apply for cars online. Something you could do is run ads that direct you to the credit application form on your site. Users that begin the application but never finish it can be sent follow ads directly to give them a chance to pick up where they left off. The point is your offering a real world answer to a real-world question at the touch of a finger. You can’t vet people on Facebook due to the special categories clause, but you can ensure certain users are included in your audience, again with the use of Facebook Custom Lists. All this is great for paid advertisements but what about…  


Organic Content

This is what you use to build your page. It’s not too difficult, but some business owners make it far too complicated. At the center of any good Organic-Content Campaign is the consistent provision of relevant information around a consumer-grade topic in your industry. When a post performs well, boost it for engagement and target lookalike audiences of people who are similar to those who already interacted with the post. Set the objective to generate page likes and retarget the users that do like your page with follow-up ad content that contains the next level of information needed to guide them down your sales funnel.  

Social Media Marketing is all quite simple really, but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult to do right. Having a presence on social media requires money to buy real attention plus the application of each and every piece of the puzzle consistently over time to build your reputation. 

If you’re a business owner who needs help running Facebook Ads, please shoot me a text with your first and last name to (575)268-9458. I’d love to work with you to develop a social media sales funnel that actually works. 

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If you enjoyed this article please subscribe to the Modern Monday’s Newsletter for FREE TOOLS & MODERN MARKETING ADVICE sent by me, directly to your inbox every Monday Morning!

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