Consumer Modeling Case Study

Consumer Modeling Case Study

Building an intimate consumer model is essential for branding your business on social media. In this example we will review how we increased facebook lead generation by 50X for an Auto Dealer in eastern new mexico.


Purpose of the internet.

The internet is a place where consumers go to search for information. In the US, the average consumer spends just $1,800.00 annually on products and services purchased online, a small fraction of the $60,000.00 average annual expenditure overall.

  1. In the automotive industry, dealerships have relied on flash sales and “Summer Sales Events” to create urgency and lure more foot traffic to their dealerships.
  2. This all changed when platforms like CarGurus and Kelly Blue Book gave car buyers wide spread access to valuations as well as competitor pricing. Instead of trusting a salesperson to give you a good deal it is much easier to spend 5 minuets browsing all available listings from a variety of dealerships in the area.
  3. This highlights the informative nature of the internet itself. At Plexlab, we focus on using this nature to create content that establishes that digital trust people are searching for when they research high ticket items.
  4. By turning your brand into the source of valuable consumer-driven information, you can solidify a relationship outside of the tradition Buyer & Seller ecosystem, and extend brand awareness & reliability year round to utilize the spare time in between purchases.